RescoIO is meant to become a network composed by the following stakeholders:

  1. Final users of the service
  2. Local agents responsible for the local distribution.
  3. Service coordinators, such as NGOs and social enterprises, responsible for distributing the products within a country or region.
  4. Volunteers of any type assisting to the entity. External service providers that require to login into to the platform to coordinate the service they offer.
  5. Employees of the non-profit championing RescoIO.
  6. Advisors to the non-profit.
  7. Code Developers of the platform.
  8. Extension and Plug-in developers providing extra features.
  9. Investors and Crowd-funders financing the equipment.
  10. Donors providing grants to specific projects.
  11. Researchers, such as universities and research centres, who make use of the collected data to create open algorithms to assist in making products more sustainable.
  12. Manufacturers of the equipment the platform distributes.
  13. Extractive industries responsible for supplying the raw material used by the manufacturers.
  14. Recycling centres, responsible for recycling the materials.
  15. Government bodies at supranational, national, state and local levels, that assist in coordinating the service.
  16. Members of the public, who feel inspired by the aims of the entity.