Sustainability made Possible is aimed at optimising the extraction, production, use, reuse, remaking & recycling of products.


We have created a Low-Code Development Platform for Progressive Web Apps that is Open Source and championed by a non-profit

Low-code development platforms allow programmers and non-programmers to create software applications with very little code, while a Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users such as the ability to work off-line.

Our current applications are

Libraries of Things

They seek to optimise the use of products.

Rural Electrification

They seek to provide sustainable electricity to remote locations.

Our Objectives

Preserve Nature

Full traceability and the envigorating of ecosystem services.

Empower individuals

Self Sovereignty in the management of personal data.

Strengthen societies

Collective empowering and multi-stakeholder governance.

Expand the iCommons

Open-source and open access to non-personal data.

Democratise wealth

Encourage a fair redistribution of financial capital.

Improve products

Improve monitoring and invest in new technologies & materials.

The Team



Marc is an ecological economist & writter



Jordi is a full-stak software developer



Alejandra is a linguist & transdisciplinary researcher



Alvaro is a social psychologist & knowledge manager



Ramon is specialised in public relations and usability



Jacob is specialised in Asian studies and Japanse

Our Values

Optimisation rather than Maximisation

Maximisation is what has brought us to the current ecological imbalance. Nature does not maximise but She optimises. She seeks to attain a good enough level of everything, knowing that optimisation leads to abundance through symbiotic interactions, while maximisation of a single variable leads to future scarcity as a result of the law of diminishing results and the neglect of the other variables.

Collaboration over Competition

Without collaboration it is not possible to attain the symbiotic interactions needed to optimise and bring abundance.

Accountability instead of Limited Liability

We consider that everyone shall be accountable for what they do and decide. Accountability does not mean punishing people for their actions. It means organising society in a way that compels everyone to exert such responsibility.

Transparency by contrast to Opacity

Without transparency, it is not possible to compel everyone to exert their responsibility.

Personal Sovereignty as opposite to Surrendered Sovereignty

Personal sovereignty is needed to set limits to transparency. Transparency should not collide with Self-Sovereign Identity, which is our ability to administer and make claims about our own identity.

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